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The Latin Underground project started with the idea of pulling together musicians with different backgrounds but with a common passion for the Latin culture expressed in various musical styles: Latin, Folk, Blues, Pop and Fusion.

The Latin Underground bring together an array of musical pieces which vary in style and language. They have a unique and extended interpretation of the Latin music. Their musical selection explores new territories in sounds, preserving the sense of traditional and folk music.

The strong and passionate character of the group is represented by the voice and the guitar of Michele Cardaropoli. His voice and his guitar powerfully reveal the Latin Underground interpretation of their identity.

Alessio Murgia is in charge of the Latin Underground rhythms. He is a drummer but he’s also a new investigator of Latin percussions.

Alberto Radicati is an Italian musician and author of popular songs. He expresses his music creativity and sensitivity with both his voice and the bass.

Various musicians offer their contribution to the artistic development of the Latin Underground:

Rose Sumalpong: voice
Former singer of the Far East based group "Frontliner Band" with whom had been touring in Malaysia and China until 2002. Rose joined the Latin Underground in 2015 and after recent solo musical experiences and successful participation to TV talent show “Wanns du eppes kanns". Rose’s melodic voice perfectly integrates into the various musical expression of the Latin Underground

Antonio Fernandez Soriano: guitars
Classical guitarist from Valencia (Spain). Toni contributed to the formation of the Latin Underground. He combines the classic guitar notes with the different  music styles of the Latin Underground

Emmanuel Delahongrais: piano, afro cuban percussions
Pianist and percussionist from France. He combines composition and jazz improvisation. He brought his talent to the group live performances in 2014

Alessandro Biasi: sax
Alessandro is from Italy (the real South) where he started playing the alto saxophone at the age of eight. He has a classical background with many years of experience in marching bands. He plays tenor saxophone, focusing in jazz and blues improvisation and now experimenting with the Latin Underground, it was love at first sight!

the Latin Underground join the music scene in Luxembourg as a band with the aim to expand the frontiers with their music